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Here at HS Injury Rehab, we offer many scientifically tested methods in the treatment of existing injuries. No matter what your injury, sport, age, gender or special circumstances, we will have the treatment that is best for you.

At some point in your career, you are likely to suffer from some form of injury, whether it be an acute traumatic injury or an overuse chronic injury.

Examples of an acute traumatic injury include fractures, a strain, sprain, abrasion or laceration. Where as overuse chronic injuries could be a stress fractures or tendonitis.

However if an acute injury is left untreated long term problems can develop and you may end up with a chronic injury.

Despite how common sporting injuries are, not many athletes receive the correct treatment, or any treatment at all. This can cause serious implications toward an efficient healing process, their future performance and even their career.

Injury Prevention

There are a wide range of factors which can increase the risk of injury such as:

  • Having the wrong equipment for example; training shoes, no protective equipment�etc.
  • Having a poor technique, i.e. excessive loading on your body, a poor warm up and cool down can also have a large impact.

And as the old saying goes - prevention is better than a cure.

So if you have suffered from an injury or still are, no matter how serious, It is essential that you begin a specific rehabilitation programme As Soon As Possible.

Get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a FREE consultation, where we can discuss your injury, personal details, specific requirements and give you a FREE quotation tailored to you.

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Sports Therapy
Sports Therapy
At HS Injury Rehab we are experts in diagnosing and treating a both minor and major injuries which can occur in sport.

Home visits
Home visits
Our therapists are able to treat patients in the comfort of their own home in these areas; Warrington, Cheshire, Liverpool, Manchester and surrounding areas.
Pushing your muscles too far can tear your muscle and be very painful. We are experienced in protecting and treating muscle strains, reducing the level of pain.
At HS Injury Rehab we are use a variety of techniques (soft tissue therapy � rehabilitation programmes) to reduce swelling and pain caused with your joint and surrounding area.